Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat

Product Name:Embrace LX
Age Range:0 - 2 Years
Style:Rear Facing
Weight:14.6 Lbs
Product Dimensions:26 x 23 x 18"
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The Evenflo Embrace LX baby car seat is a highly rated and well-priced infant car seat. As with all the Evenflo safety products available, the Embrace LX infant car seat is really great looking and it is also very safe. As with every baby car seat that is available in US stores or online, the Evenflo Embrace LX infant car seat has successfully passed ALL required crash and safety tests set in place by the government, so you get full peace of mind that your little one is as safe as possible when you are travelling. As the NHTSA does not release the full results of these tests it is impossible to know how well a specific baby car seat faired, but you can be sure any infant car seat sold in the US is safe. The Evenflo Embrace LX infant car seat is well padded throughout and has great side impact foam to protect the head and neck areas, which are critical to safety.

Who should buy this?

The Evenflo Embrace LX baby car seat is safe for babies weighing from 4 up to 35 pounds or measuring up to 30 inches tall. This makes it ideal for you and your new family if you are seeking a well-priced and safe infant car seat. As the Embrace LX is legally sold across the United States you can rest assured that it has passed all the rigorous safety tests required for any rear facing car seat or car safety product. The United States has some of the strictest car safety regulations in the world so any baby car seat sold here is likely to be very safe.

The important stuff

  • Safely carries/holds babies between 4 and 35 pounds (this means most low weight newborns can safely be carried in this car seat)
  • Really lightweight car seat at 7.8pounds for the carrier
  • Auto adjustable base unit
  • Conveniently located level indicator for ease of reading
  • Really easy to carry, ergonomically designed handle on the vary unit
  • Harness adjustment located on the front of the unit
  • Head pillow that can easily be removed if required
  • 3 point harness across the shoulders for safety
  • Additional seat belt guides in case you would like to secure the car seat into your car without the base unit to save on space
  • Base unit option for more secure fitting
  • Handles are placed on the front of the unit to save space
  • The machine washable seat pad/cushion area can be removed/replaced easily
  • Foam liner crafted from energy absorbing foam
  • US made (not ALL models)

What’s included?

  • Baby car seat
  • Base unit to fix into vehicle
  • Instruction manual

What’s great?

  • Wide weight/height range means you will get really good use from this car seat, even premature/preemies should be able to travel safely no problem
  • Overall, the Evenflo Embrace LX baby car seat is really easy to install which is a great help to any new family, especially those of you not great with your hands! The LATCH anchors are particularly good
  • EPS energy absorbing foam throughout the upper part of the car seat means your little one will be nicely protected in the event of an accident/collision
  • The forward facing/located handles are a great space saver. This is particularly useful if you have a smaller vehicle or have multiple children and thus multiple baby car seats
  • The cover on the EvenFlo Embrace LX is really well padded for extra comfort, even on long journeys
  • The machine washable cover is super easy to take off and put back on again (this cannot be said for all car seats available to buy today!)
  • The Embrace LX is really well priced, for under $100 you really cannot get much better than this
  • Despite being really sturdy and safe the Evenflo Embrace LX baby car seat is super lightweight too, a great help when you have to carry your baby in the seat

What’s not so great?

  • The continuous harness feature on this car seat can be a little frustrating when you are trying to adjust the tightness
  • Keeping the harness straight/not twisted can also be a challenge (although this can be said of a lot of baby car seats out there). Be sure to take extra care to keep the harness flat otherwise safety can be compromised
  • There is not a lock off device for the seatbelt on the base unit. This means you will need to buy one to ensure the base unit is nice and secure. You can of course fix the car seat in without one, but we recommend you try to purchase one separately to be extra safe.
  • Only the deluxe model comes with the LATCH technology. If you can afford the extra $$ then opt for this one for ease.
  • Canopy can be a little flimsy

Final thoughts

Overall, the Evenflo Embrace LX baby car seat offers fantastic value as under $100. If you and your family are on a tight budget and are looking to buy a safe and reliable car seat for your baby then this is a great option. It is lightweight, really easy to use and has some great safety features that mean your new arrival will be secure and safe when you are travelling with them. There are some drawbacks with this baby car seat though so if you do have a few extra dollar to spend there are certainly some better quality products out there. We will leave that decision to you though as we fully understand how tight money can be with a newborn baby around.


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