Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat Review 2017

Product Name:EZ Flex-Loc 30
Brand:Baby Trend
Age Range:0 - 18 month
Style:Rear Facing
Weight:21.2 Lbs
Product Dimensions:27.2 x 17 x 16"
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The Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat is yet another great product from this increasingly popular brand. Just like it’s sister product the Flex Loc, the EZ Flex Loc is absolutely fantastic value, coming in well under the $150 mark and best of all not forgoing anything on safety or comfort. You really do get fantastic value with these baby car seats. Not only are the Baby Trend rear-facing car seats great value but they are also great looking too, you can be sure to be the envy of the town if you have one of these in the back of your car. Most important of all though, you will know your baby is safe and secure because the Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat has passed all the necessary safety tests required to sell an infant car seat/baby car seat in the United States.

Who should buy this?

As the EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing car seat you can only use this while your child is relatively young. To be more specific you can only place your baby safely in this product while they weigh between 5 and 30 pounds or up to 28.5 inches in height. This is notably lower/smaller than some other brands, but this should not put you off buying as most children will be ready for a new car seat anyway once they reach these maximum heights/weights. The only slight downside of this model is the entry weight of 5 pounds, this means it will exclude most prematurely born babies, which is a shame. The only way around this is to wait until your newborn baby reaches the 5 pound minimum weight before driving. You should never travel with a baby in the car seat that does not meet the minimum or maximum requirements.

The important stuff

  • LATCH technology for the base unit  plus multiple Isofix points.
  • Easy to adjust 5 point harnessing with push button release/action
  • Easy to adjust base unit with 4 height positions. Also, equipped with indicator for ease when ensuring the level is correct and safe
  • Seat release is accessible and changeable with one hand
  • Excellent side impact protection with EPS foam throughout
  • Ergonomically designed, soft and smooth handle
  • Comfy head support for extra comfort
  • Can accommodate your baby while they weigh between 5 and 30 pounds and measures 30 inches or less in height
  • EZ Flex Loc – means excellent flexible latch/connecting straps
  • Measurements – 16.5inches x 26inches x 25inches
  • Weight – 13.7 pounds

What’s included?

  • Car Seat
  • Base unit
  • Clear and simply instruction guide/installation guide

What’s great?

  • The Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat is one of the lightest around, even with the base unit it only weighs 13.7 pounds. This means that even with your baby inside you should have no problem carrying this car seat, even for relatively long walks.
  • As with most of the Baby Trend products the EZ Flex Loc is extremely well priced and affordable for pretty much any young family seeking a new rear-facing car seat for their baby
  • The EZ Flex Loc has passed ALL the necessary safety tests required for infant car seats in the US
  • I know it’s not important to everyone, but the Baby Trend car seats are hugely popular in the States right now, so if you buy the EZ you will know your baby is travelling in style!
  • Really well designed and comfortable carrying handle means you shouldn’t get any hand pain while carrying your little one
  • The EZ Flex Loc technology provides flexible straps on the base unit to connect to your car which helps to add safety and comfort to your baby while travelling
  • Excellent side impact protection from the EPS foam that has been used throughout the car seat
  • As with all the Baby Trend products, the EZ Flex Loc is super easy to install and adjust, most of which can be done with just the one hand if required
  • The EZ Loc comes in a multitude of different colours and designs so you should have no problem finding one to suit your need/likes
  • Compatible with a number of different BabyTrend strollers and buggies

What’s not so great?

  • The height and weight limits are a little lower than some other rear-facing infant car seats available to buy today. We don’t feel this is a deal breaker though, the positives far outweigh the negatives here, for us anyway.
  • We give this seat 4 stars as while it serves well in the price bracket, some user have reported it to be a little too on the cheap side in terms of materials and durability.

Final thoughts

We at love Baby Trend, we truly believe they offer great quality, yet affordable car seats for your baby. There are not many brands out there that offer such good quality for such a low price. As a new parent you will know, it is always nice to save a few dollars when you can, especially if it means they do not have to lose out on quality. With the BabyTrend EZ Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat you really do get it all, great value and ultimate safety for your new pride and joy.


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