Baby Jogger City Go 2017 Car Seat

Product Name:City Go 2016
Brand:Baby Jogger
Age Range:0 - 2 Years
Style:Rear Facing
Weight:7.2 Lbs
Product Dimensions:18.1 x 27.7 x 17.3"
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The Baby Jogger 2017 City Go Car Seat is a well-designed and well-priced rear facing seat for infants. Coming in at just a shade under $230 it is by no means the cheapest seat on the market but it is far from the most expensive either. It is compatible with pretty much all of the Baby Jogger Strollers for ultimate convenience. The seat also has the option of being secured into a vehicle with or without the base unit. This is great if you are travelling by taxi or you are travelling in a friend’s car instead of your own. It is recommended however, that you always use the base unit when you can as it provides a much more secure fitting and is also much easier to fit.

This seat is designed for newborns up to 35 pounds and thus only has a rear-facing functionality. If you are concerned about your baby’s height reaching the limit before the weight then it is fine up to 32 inches. Baby Jogger, as with all manufacturers of this kind of seat recommend that you leave your little one in the rear-facing position as long as possible and this is something that we strongly agree with throughout our comprehensive seat review process. This is the safest position for your baby to be in while travelling.

What’s great?

  • As the seat is compatible with all the Baby Jogger Strollers it allows you to create a travel system of your own choice. Rather than having to go with the products that are selected together for you.
  • The seat has the functionality to be fitted safely into a taxi or a friend’s car without the use of the base unit. This makes the seat much more mobile and usable.
  • LATCH technology and a built in seatbelt locking mechanism makes this car seat extremely safe and secure. It is also super easy to fit, which is a great plus.
  • The “stay in car” base unit is extremely easy to fit into your vehicle. It also comes with a level indicating device built in and an impressive 6 different recline positions to ensure your little one is in the perfect recline.
  • Meets or exceeds all US safety standards
  • Fitted with excellent quality EPS foam for peace of mind and most importantly safety of your pride and joy
  • 5 point harnessing (as opposed to the less safe 3 point)
  • Seat has been tested for occupant retention during an accident and passed US regulations

What’s not so great?

  • The canopy, although larger than most other seats, is a little bit clunky and difficult to get into position.
  • The action of getting the seat into the base unit and then getting it out again is relatively easy but perhaps not quite as easy as other slightly more expensive brands like Britax
  • The harnessing is not super easy to adjust when compared to other brands like Britax and Graco. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I couldn’t do it with my baby in the seat, I had to take her out first
  • Padding around the harnessing isn’t the softest, I would probably buy some separate ones to make your child a little bit more comfortable


Overall, this is a great quality car seat for the money. Priced under $250 you really are getting pretty good value. That being said, I wouldn’t really opt for this seat as a first choice UNLESS you have a Baby Jogger Stroller already. If you do have a Baby Jogger stroller then this is a great choice for you. I found there were a few too many little annoying things wrong with this seat for me to recommend it fully. However, if you love the brand or have the stroller then you will probably not be disappointed with it. If you can stretch a little bit extra to get a Britax or even a Graco infant seat then you may want to do it though if you are not bound to the Baby Jogger brand.


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