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One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the best type of car seat for my child? There is no right or wrong answer to this question however, from a safety aspect, we always recommend that you place your baby in a rear facing seat until they are too big to move to forward facing. In order to determine this of course, you need to refer to the manufacturers recommendation as they will have carried out specific and rigorous tests to establish the age and weight range for the seat. If you have yet to buy your babies car seat, you should look for one that has a high weight and height range in order to keep them rear facing as long as possible.

types of baby car seats for infants

Above you will see the different types of seat available to children across the age range and will notice that most have a standard recommendation of the age range. This of course can change drastically depending on the make and manufacturer of the seat. Baby Trend offer a great range of car seats for all ages ranges and are reasonably priced without sacrificing on quality or safety which makes them one of the best selling and most popular brand in the US.

We have complied 4 main safety features to look out for when making your first seat purchase or if indeed you are looking to upgrade.

Harnessing РThe harness needs to be fully adjustable. Some seats will do this better than others however, we suggest the Chicco keyfit 30 in our opinion, is the best for full adjustability, not just in this department but in lots of other areas too. You need to be sure that the clearance is not going to strangle your child under harsh breakinng or rub against their neck making an uncomfortable journey.

Neck & Head Support – It goes without saying, this is an area you simply cannot ignore and frankly neither have the manufacturers. Most seats we have tested or reviewed have performed extremely well in this area but some better than others offer more adjustability and therefor longer use of the seat.

Side Impact Protection РThis is a grey area and some manufacturers really do fail here while some go above and beyond the guidelines and crash test criteria. We recommend that you base this area specifically on the manufacturers output from their testing and you can of course,  find adequate reviews online.

Base & Issofix – This is more down to ease of use but also serves as extra shock protection in your car should be involved in an accident. Isoffix is a system used by nearly all new car manufacturers and allows the base to be firmly locked into position in the rear seat of the car. With the base in position, you can simply remove the seat with your child still in it. This is a feature that most new born seats will have as standard and the ease of use is the main thing to look for.

In summary, most seats have varying features and it can all seem like a bit of a minefield. Checking on the safety ratings and regulations for your state is a good place to start as some are more stringent than others. Most online reviews will provide and overall safety score and this is a good place to start. Get you search down to 3 and then look closer at each one individually before making your decision.

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